David Alegret has put his talent to work in the recital vein on many occasions as this format is perfectly adapted to his vocal faculties and his personal tastes. He has taken on a wide repertoire which spans more than two centuries of the history of music. He has thus given recitals all over Spain with the pianists Albert Guinovart, Rubén Fdez. Aguirre and Josep Surinyac, and in Switzerland with Riccardo Bovino, among others.

In his recitals, due to his roots and his identification with the genre, Catalan song has a large role. Alegret performs works by composers such as Toldrà, Morera and Mompou, without forgetting the masters of Spanish song, Granados, Turina, Falla and Obradors.

From the very beginning of his career David Alegret has had a special feeling for German and Flemish cultures as this is where he has developed his art and enjoyed a large slice of his success in prestigious opera houses; because of this he feels a special attraction for Lied, a genre which he includes in his repertoire with cycles of songs by composers such as Schubert (Die Schöne Müllerin), Schumann (Dichterliebe) and Beethoven (An die ferne Geliebte).

Alegret also includes Italian song in his recitals, of which he has an extensive repertoire of works by the likes of Bellini, Donizetti and Rossini, also Tosti and composers of Neapolitan song.

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