Mosè in Egitto, Welsh National Opera Cardiff

The hysterical fantasies of Elcia's beloved Osiride shape the vocalism of the Spanish tenor David Alegret

Hilary Finch, 12/10/2014, The Times
Mosè in Egitto, Welsh National Opera Cardiff]

The tenor David Alegret sings the son fearlessl

Hugo Shirley, 11/10/2014, The Spectator
Mosè in Egitto, Welsh National Opera Cardiff]

Tenor David Alegret, as his son Osiride, has an instrumental agility

Rian Evans, 05/10/2014, The Guardian
Mosè in Egitto, Welsh National Opera Cardiff]

Two excellent tenors, David Alegret and Barry Banks, cope effortlessly with the technical challenges

Rupert Christiansen, 04/10/2014, The Telegraph
Mosè in Egitto, Welsh National Opera Cardiff]

Spanish tenor David Alegret has the admirable combination of a tall-slim frame (unusual for a tenor), and a flexible high lying voice which fits Rossini's complex music, and he combined a superb technique, with a fearlessness in the high lying range

Robert Hugill, 04/10/2014, Opera Today
Requiem de Mozart, Toledo - conmemoración del 4º centenario de la muerte de El Greco

El tenor catalán David Alegret, con un timbre pletórico de transparencia

Juan Ángel Vela del Campo, 21/09/2014, El País
Das Liebesverbot, de Wagner, en el Festival de Peralada

With very good solo voices in the lead roles, the tenor David Alegret was outstanding with his healthy and nuanced singing

Pablo Meléndez-Haddad, 01/08/2013, ABC
Il turco in Italia en el Gran Teatre del Liceu

David Alegret, who played Narciso, showed total mastery of bel canto articulation and fluent resolve in the agile Rossini style

Alejandro Martínez, 11/06/2013, Codalario
Il turco in Italia en el Gran Teatre del Liceu

A mention of honour for the tenor David Alegret, who made the most of the thankless role of Narciso, the tenor of the opera, with his three arias of considerable difficulty very well sung and intoned

Roger Alier, 11/06/2013, La Vanguardia
Il Signor Bruschino en el ROF

David Alegret, in brightly focused voice

George Loomis, 17/08/2012, The New York Times
[Cristobal Colón, de Carnicer, en el Teatro de La Maestranza]

David Alegret´s taste in nuances was a pleasure to hear

smael G. Cabral, 29/06/2012, El Correo de Andalucía
[El Giravolt de maig en el Palau de la Música]

Se pudo gozar del gusto para los matices de David Alegret

Javier Pérez Senz, 13/06/2012, ARA
[El Giravolt de maig]

has a gentle music and story, delightful, of high quality …. its content and melodic power. Take Golferic´s aria in the third scene, for example, which was so well sung by David Alegret

Jorge de Persia, 13/06/2012, La Vanguardia
[La Cenerentola, de Rossini en la Volksoper de Viena]

It was David Alegret and Yolanda Auyanet who best surmounted the obstacles demanded by the score – a complicated coloratura and some challenging high notes

Elena Habermann , 12/02/2012, Der Neue Merker
“David Alegret y Enric Martínez-Castignani poseen voces potentes y versátiles que exhibieron con contundencia operística y buena musicalidat. Alegret es un ligero de registro amplísimo e incisivo, y con facilidat para el agudo y la bravura, como demostró en “Domine Deus”

David Alegret and Enric Martínez-Castignani have powerful and versatile voices which they displayed with operatic force and good musicality. Alegret is a Lirico-Leggiero with an extremely wide and incisive register, and with a gift for high notes and for the bravura, as he showed in "Domine Deus

Xavier Chavarria, 01/07/2011, Revista Musical Catalana
“David Alegret presentó una interpretación de Beppe y Arlequin de gran musicalidad y elegante emisión”

David Alegret gave a very musical and elegantly sung performance of Beppe and Arlequin

Fernando Sans Rivière, 01/05/2011, Ópera Actual
Rossini:Cenerentola, Volksoper

Her Prince Charming , Don Ramiro, was David Alegret who was on marvellous form. A singer with brilliant and very steady high notes in perfect Stile Rossiniano. A Tenore di Grazia who must return to the Staatsoper. The tall Catalan is also a good actor and he performed the choreographies in a grandiose manner

Elena Habermann , 22/02/2011, Der Neue Merker
Rossini: Semiramide, Opéra de Montpellier

In this dark story it was a great surprise to come across the sincere and pure soul of Idreno, perfectly rendered by the young David Alegret, who was much applauded at the end of the performance

Jaume Estapà, 01/01/2011, Ópera Actual
Rossini: Armida, Garsington Opera

David Alegret paced the long Gernando recitatives carefully, so the sudden explosions up the scale at the end of long phrases were very effective

Anne Ozorio, 10/06/2010, Opera Today
Recital en Pamplona

David Alegret was an exemplary and individual light lyrical tenor, showing confidence and firmness in the higher register (Ah! Mes amis was a fine example) and a perfect suitedness to the bel canto repertoire.

Alberto Osácar, 01/06/2010, Ópera Actual
Rossini: L’Italiana in Algeri, Teatro Real (Madrid)

Alegret´s Lindoro had a light tenor timbre not without beauty…. He always sang with gusto and managed high passages with ease. He also displayed considerable resources as an actor (and comic dancer).

Jorge Barraca Mairal, 01/12/2009, Artes Hoy
Rossini: L’Italiana in Algeri, Teatro Real (Madrid)

From Lindoro´s horn solo onwards, David Alegret was in his role. Lindoro seemed to be written expressly for David Alegret - the Catalan light lyrical tenor

Jaime Arroyo Moya, 01/11/2009, El Mensajero musical
Rossini: Il Turco in Italia, Bayerische Staatsoper (Munich)

One of the surprises of the night was the voice of the Catalan tenor David Alegret, perfect for the demands of Rossini, and who drew the first applause of the evening

Juan Antonio Llorente, 01/07/2007, ABC
Rossini: Stabat Mater, Queen Elisabeth Hall (Londres)

The tenor David Alegret was outstanding.

Tim Ashley, 01/11/2005, The Guardian
Rossini: Il Viaggio a Reims, Stadttheater Bern

David Alegret´s performance was welcome, well executed and with brilliant tone

Hanspeter Renggli, 01/09/2005, Der Bund
Rossini: La Cenerentola en la Volksoper

The discovery of the evening was without doubt the young David Alegret as don Ramiro, whose Rossinian voice reminds one of the greats such as Francisco Araiza. A singer to watch

Brigitte Suchan, 01/09/2004, Wiener Zeitung
Bach: Pasión según San Mateo, Palau de la Música Catalana /

David Alegret is a force to be reckoned with, especially in baroque music where the singer is totally in his element, having a great gift for melismatic singing and frank and sincere expression...

Xavier Cester, 01/04/2003, AVUI